Monday, 3 April 2017

Halswell Quarry

This is Halswell Quarry which we visited on the 16th of March 2017. I learnt lots about rocks and how they were created. I had a great time and I would recommend it. We also learnt and acted out how park rangers make decisions for the land. The picture above is a picture of the Quarry.

Monday, 28 November 2016

My character description

Jake has long, dark blonde hair that stands out when the sun shines it’s light onto his hair. When he runs his hair sways from side to side like the wind throwing the leaves back and forth on edge of a tree. The clothing he will often wear is a sporty outfit because he is a sporty guy, and the colour of his clothes is mostly black and blue. He is fairly tall at 6 foot and his body is a rectangle shape. tall and slim. A movement he often does is he flexes his right arm and from behind his back he brings his arm across his body. 

Jake’s habits are taking long runs and doing athletics. He also enjoys playing Pok√©mon Go with his friend Finn, it is very addictive. He plays on a huge phone. His behaviour is wonderful, well most of the time, but when he's at the table having dinner it is disgusting, he scoffs his food down like there's no tomorrow. The places he likes to hang out is in the city with his mates. 

A typical phrase Jake will often say is “What are those?”. The tone of voice he uses is loud but it means he's in a good mood. His accent is British. When he talks to people his voice is quiet but deep.

Jake likes to hang out with his best mate Finn. People respond nicely to Jake's actions. Other people describe him as kind, caring and cool. The area he lives in is beautiful and rich and they have the best skate park.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Travis wetlands

On Wednesday my class and I took a trip to Travis Wetlands, it was a long walk but I'm sure we all enjoyed it. We found lots of birds and we saw an eel in the river and we also saw lots of baby ducks and they were really cute.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Riccarton bush

A few days ago my class and I took a visit to Riccarton Bush. We all had lots of fun and I found out some interesting facts. Unfortunately it was very wet and damp but still a great walk.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Discovery reflection

The activity I have enjoy the most was cooking because with the smoothies I could experiment with all the ingredients . Some challenges I encountered was being organised when I did the cooking because my first time I forgot the ingredients. I have overcome this challenge by remembering to bring the ingredients for the cooking. I have learnt to be more organised for the future. 

The main challenges I have had is planning ahead and taking time to get a good result. I have improved these skills by practising over and over again. Overall I feel good about what I have learnt over these past two terms and I'm looking forward to next term Discovery.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Speech reflection

The part of my speech I most enjoyed was the writing because I had to persevere through my speech writing to get it correct and that made me feel good. The challenges during speech writing was using the correct tense because through my speech sometimes I used past tense and sometimes I used future tense. I overcame my challenges by asking for help so that I wouldn't stay stuck. Overall I feel good about the way my speech came out because I believe I did a wonderful speech, I may not have made it to the finals but I know I did well. 

As I practiced reading my speech I tried to put some hand gestures in. I think I did the following things well when I presented my speech to the class - projecting my voice, making sure that it was very clear, facing my fears by going up there.  I was challenged to perform in front of the class because I didn't want to mess up or make a fool of myself. I overcame these challenges by just looking a one person because I knew they wouldn't laugh at me. Overall I feel good about the way I presented my speech because I got a good score and a big round of applause. 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

annoying battery powered objects

What would you do if you were in the middle of a really important email and your phone died? What would you do? Battery powered objects are annoying when the battery goes flat.

Here is my first example … so you’re driving your brand new electric car and you forget to charge the battery. On your way to wherever you’re going all of a sudden the battery goes flat ... there is no way of contacting someone to pick you up and that may take a long time and I know I would get very bored.

I’ve had a personal experience of a battery going flat at the wrong time. I was going to my sister's party and I had the option to bring my iPad to keep myself amused and entertained. When I checked the percent of battery charge it was completely dead so instead I had to join in with the girly party games. The whole time I was saying to myself “Why did you die? Why did you die?”

Here's another example ... you are playing on the Xbox when all of a sudden the controller dies ... so how do you react because I know that I would be very annoyed 

Here's another one of my stories … The other day me and my dad went out to to Diamond Harbour. When we were going through a tunnel we put the lights on and when we parked my dad forgot to turn the lights off. So we hopped in the car to go home, Dad turned the key in the ignition but … you guessed it … it wouldn’t start … the jolly battery was flat! We had to call the AA to get more power for the battery to get home. 

How about this ... At the beginning of the day your phone is on full charge as you go to work. When you arrive home your phone is dead and you haven't touched it once ... now how do you feel?

My final story … you might have  had this happen to you ... so I had football practice and it ended early. My mum didn’t know so I tried calling her but my phone was dead.  Yes you guessed it I had to wait ages for my mum to come and get me.  There goes the excitement of ending sports practice early.

AAAAHHHH! I find it so frustrating when batteries die.
Here are some ways you can prevent this from happening in the future to stop this annoying, frustrating problem continuing…
clear the history on your phone 
make sure that you charge your phone every night 
don't leave your lights on in the car 
make sure you always have a collection of batteries big or small.